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Windows Xp Tweaks To Run Faster


For an easy method of creating multiple Service Configurations, please check out my Windows XP Services Profile Guide. anyone with half a brain canI wasn't getting back at you. Turn Off Terminal Services If you are experiencing slow shutdowns, one tweak you can try is turning off Ternimal Services. Faust, Go take a dive at a rolling donut....That's an apples to oranges comparison. news

Under Virtual Memory, click the "Change" button. Install essential Software that I cant live without 8. Now that you know which ones not to close out, we can tell windows to not open them in the first place. pp.22 - Added HD Tune utility.

Windows Xp Tweaks To Run Faster

This is a bit excessive. lol Burning Phoenix (13 items) CPUMotherboardGraphicsRAMIntel Q9550Gigabyte EP45-UD3PeVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SuperClocked4GB G.Skill DDR2-1000 5-5-5-15Hard DriveOptical DriveOSMonitor3 WD 80GB RAID0, Seagate 500GB, WD 1TB Caviar BLCKLite-On LH-20A1SWindoze pp.81,140 (109,185) - Added links to Windows 7 SP1 ISO images.

Every piece of windows software will include instructions to the operating system as to which DLLs it will need to access, and XP will cache these particular files in memory for Meaning, 2 GB RAM + 0 MB Paging File = 2 GB Virtual Memory. This does not mean that everything I do will work for you. Windows Xp Tweak Tool pp.246 (324) - Slightly revised default Pagefile size due to more recent advice from Microsoft.

They strive to have some of the best hardware and... Windows Xp Tweaks Download Factors that can cause fragmentation include incomplete uninstalls of software, system crashes while the disk is in use, improper shutdown of the operating system, etc. Also, in the settings tab, click "Advanced" and make sure you are running at 96-DPI (Dots Per Inch). Skill RipjawHard DriveHard DriveOptical DriveOSKingston SSDNow V-SeriesWestern Digital Caviar BlackPlextor Slot-Load DVD/RWWindows 7 Home 64-bitMonitorKeyboardPowerCaseNEC MultiSync EA261WM 26"Logitech IlluminatedPC Power & Cooling 750 WattLian-Li PC-8NMouseAudioLogitech G400Soundblaster X-Fi TitaniumView all hide

To make sure you are running DMA, go to your Device Manager by right-clicking on My Computer and selecting "Manage" and then "Device Manager." Select the "+" next to IDE ATA/ATAPI Tweak Windows Xp For Optimum Performance I've tried to provide a good explanation as to what every tweak does so that you can decide for yourself what you do/don't want to do. If you choose to start by reformatting, backup all your files and reformat the computer, preferably with the built in recovery tool. Removable media has the added bonus of being impervious to data loss; unless you physically lose or damage the disk, your data will not be lost (translated = CD's and DVD's

Windows Xp Tweaks Download

They also see themselves as 'non-conformists' or 'hax0rs'. Once the analysis is finished, you will have a graphical representation of your disk's level of fragmentation. Windows Xp Tweaks To Run Faster The restore process, when activated, is run automatically. Windows Xp Registry Tweaks Most Linux distros have a long way to go before I will even consider them.lol i'd also recommend a reg cleaner and a defragment of the registry, havent had time to

However, after using XP some time, the prefetch directory can get full of junk and obsolete links in the Prefetch catalog, which can slow down your computer notablely. http://songstersoftware.com/windows-xp/how-to-uninstall-windows-xp-and-install-windows-7.html If you're thinking about making some changes to your registry because some random site told you it would speed things up, I suggest visiting the Bad Tweaks page first. You can change this hanging time with a registry edit.Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop and select the string entry called 'HungApp Timeout'. XP was released in 2001 and although it will receive security updates until 2014 no new features will be added. Windows Xp Tricks And Hacks

The vast majority of operational questions can be answered from the manual. Level 4 - For Gamers only. pp.30 - Added Recuva utility. http://songstersoftware.com/windows-xp/how-to-share-printer-in-windows-xp-to-windows-7.html Double-click the (Default) value and change it to '1'.28.

If you have not already, reboot now. How To Make Windows Xp Run Faster Prefetch is a new and very useful technique in Windows XP. Windows is by far the worst operating system I have ever come across.

Article #30058 Updated on Mar 27, 2012 at 2:22 PM Welcome to the Windows XP, PC Optimization Guide.

pp.61 - Removed Partition Magic utility and replaced with GParted utility. Prefetching is improved if the files are located next to each other on the outer edge of the disk, and XP/2000 optimizes the location of these boot and application files while Level 1 - It keeps XP pretty, but faster and a little more secure. Reverbs, typically the most hungry kind of plugins, can be inserted to auxiliary tracks, and audio can be bussed to these tracks from multiple sources.

For example, MS messenger takes up about 3.6 MB just sitting there… not even logged in… Bring it up, select tools, options, then uncheck "load at startup" and uncheck "allow to Create your own customized legal notice at Windows Startup This tip won't make your computer any faster but may help personalize your computer experience. You can turn off and on any effects you want in order to find a good balance between visual effects and performance Hit Apply and OK after you’’re done. http://songstersoftware.com/windows-xp/how-to-upgrade-from-windows-xp-to-windows-7-for-free.html E.g.

They were scattered all over the web, a couple at one site, a few more at another. by Jedson3614 › Dungeon Siege III by michaeltibbsjr › Sapphire RX 460 2GB Single Fan D5 OC by sepiashimmer › NZXT Technologies Kraken X41 140mm All-In-One Liquid Cooling System... Startup Services/Applications By default, Windows pre-loads applications and services from installed programs and deposits icons in the system tray. Lepa strives for performance, stability, and reliable high-tech solutions.

This prevents the C: drive from becoming too full and/or fragmented. Open up regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\ \Messenger\\Client. After all, if it was really efficient, there would be no need for you to read this page. Services are components of the operating system that provide different features.

To disable these devices, go to the Device Manager again and look under Network Adapters. The larger the drives, the smaller the number you should use. Those interested can see My Thoughts On Tweaking Windows XP And This Guide. The Performance tab will give you a fairly accurate idea of the average load put on your CPU.

Stop the 'last access update' stamp Every time a directory on an NTFS drive is accessed by Windows XP, it updates that directory and every subdirectory with a time stamp to To turn it off, go to Start > Run and type services.msc. Select Task Manager. If you have access to a third party defragging utility (like System Suite, Disk Keeper, etc.), it's preferable to defrag with it, rather than Windows defrag utility, which doesn't do a

in order to make something more effective or correct. Every time you install a program or new driver, plus on a schedule, this service creates a "restore point" to roll back to if a problem occurs. Though some good tools (such as "Cacheman") can do this, it is an interesting experience for you to work it out by yourself and let your XP fly.31 - Clean your Note: A TweakGuides Tweaking Companion for Windows 10 will not be released as explained here.