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Trying To Update Software Written In .NET

DotNet serves a clear purpose and is one of the most widespread frameworks of the moment. the thought that they might have to exercise their mind is almost as offensive as asking them to exercise their body. He may be an asshat, but his ignorance is not lonely. I want this to be updated so that my .net framework work properly. http://songstersoftware.com/trying-to/trying-to-instsall-fax-software.html

It is really just a knee-jerk reaction against Microsoft as the "them" in "us and them" but it is a real phenomenon. Join our site today to ask your question. but try compiling your .NET 1.1 application for the .NET 1.1 framework in VS.NET 2005. try standing for something.

These are the usual advantages of well-designed microservices architectures, and Microsoft is trying to give businesses an easy way to use them with Azure Service Fabric. It's another change for greater transparency. Will I need to recompile/rebuild my applications to make use of .NET 4.5.2, 4.6 or 4.6.1? .NET 4.5.2, 4.6 and 4.6.1 are compatible, in-place updates on top of .NET 4, .NET Thanks Last modified Mar 28, 2006 at9:19AM Lee_Dale Er what else are they gonna use seriously?

I call Microsoft. Charlie, Oscar, Delta, Echo I snapped at a co-worker, apologized, but now HR wants me to meet with her Does "Disk Operating System" imply that there was a "non-disk" Operating System? lol That's nice and all, but how much longer will it be before they get legally shut down due to all the predators and stalkers over there? There is a lot not to like about Microsoft but increasingly, their development story is not one of them.

Maybe a good time to switch to a more "stable" technology stack. 1 year ago Reply Nightkiller @Roland Visual Studio provides multiple options under which you can compile your program. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Give me a little credit. what does it really mean for us when it says "support ending for 4.5.1"? 1 year ago Reply LKR What does this meen to installed W 2012 R2 having the unsupported

The update is flawed. After I installed .NET Framework 4.6.1, The software shows some columns that was hidden when I have .NET Framework 4.0.Then I tried to install 4.0, but it didn't allow me to The fact is, there are breaking changes between .net 4.5 an the current version 4.6.1 and no one can guarantee that my EDI, B2B, … solution will work. (Otherwise there were You don't need to recompile to target 4.5.2 or higher 2.

Get our Daily News newsletter Go Deep-dive review: The iPhone 7 Plus is the best iPhone yet Apple has to out-execute itself (and its rivals) every year to coerce millions of It has never been done for any real-world, non-trivial application. The irony here is amazing. We've been shipping releases more frequently the last few years.

It makes sense that Microsoft would rather keep Verizon as a customer at least for its development platform and not just so they can sell them tools like Visual Studio. Sunday edit: Incredible that this post is still going strong, on a weekend no less.  But what's most interesting is how the comments have gradually shifted over time.  Granted, me even Now I got the following message acces to the registry key 'HHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\.NETFramework\v2.050727\security policy' is denied sas_geek, Sep 17, 2008 #9 pjhutch Joined: Aug 23, 2005 Messages: 429 Are you a I've worked in many languages, but most of work experience has been doing "hard core computer graphics" work.

So the system running 4.5.2 does fit the supported framework given. share answered Jun 17 '09 at 12:48 Kobus Smit 9621028 It's not free but I must say that it looks quite amazing. You can develop web.apps in assembly language if you insist, but it'll take 10 times more time and money than doing it with .net, php, ror or other modern languages and news I think that's quite a weak argument - there's no such thing as a development technology which is guaranteed to make you money.

Validate the .NET Framework Version(s) Currently Installed Multiple versions of the .NET framework can be installed on a machine. If you want to serve enterprise customers, .NET is one of the best ways to do that and do it well. give me some specifics of what .net can't do.  Ross March 25, 2011 at 5:36 pm Did you confused the Visual Studio WinForms designer with C#, then accidentally call it

I understand the fact that .NET does promote a lot of lazy behavior through their automated tools, but that doesn't mean you can't build a successful platform without using those tools.

The decision to end support for these versions will allow us to invest more resources towards improvements of the .NET Framework. PS - if you have an ounce of humility in your soul, how about objectively comparing the language features of C# to Java? Also, see mobile devices, etc etc etc Daze-d & Confused Last modified Mar 28, 2006 at10:04AM Sampy As long as we're asserting things with no proof or reason... to mostly remove the NetFrameWork.

PS I'm not one of those 90%, but .NET is one obvious choice for writing client software - especially since MonoMac became viable. Would love to hear if our readers find this increased transparency valuable. 1 year ago Reply MarkD The registry check above doesn't appear to work correctly. change your target framework first? Compares the users current version with the version reported in "CurrentVersion.xml".

I think this is a bad translation of a revival issue into CEO speak. But I've seen some recent comments that this post might have upset and offended the SMB community that we serve, and that I cannot abide.  For that, I'm truly sorry.  As Squirrel uses NuGet packages to create installation and update packages, which means that you probably already know most of what you need to create an installer. So from those dates, it is easy enough to see that posix really wasn't enough of a thing back then, and Microsoft also attempted to keep compatibility with their own 16

Matter of fact, I bet you, as CIO, are the best developer on your team, at least in your mind. Builds, testing, deployment, etc. calvin-c, Sep 16, 2008 #6 sas_geek Thread Starter Joined: May 18, 2003 Messages: 39 I put in -pp (I actually cut what you sent and pasted to a .bat file) and As of September 2015, more than 20 percent of the virtual machines running on Azure IaaS were Linux, and Microsoft has even persuaded Red Hat to support Azure – in addition

The thing is, I do all my development on Linux and the Mac. We choose to write C/C++ for performance reasons. Its a weak argument.