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Trojan Horse - Not Sure How To Describe It?

So, while a worm may travel and spread through e-mail, a single blended threat could use multiple routes including e-mail, IRC and file-sharing sharing networks. Beware of hidden file extensions! poetryintranslation.com. ^ "The Trojan Women, Euripides". MEDIA FOR: Trojan horse Previous Next Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Citation MLA APA Harvard Chicago Email To: From: Comment: You have successfully emailed this. weblink

If an infection persistantly returns, it’s likely that it wasn’t completely removed in the first place, at which point stronger measures should be considered. Trojan horses will usually capture sensitive information, including any passwords that were saved on or typed into the computer during the time it was infected. The can infect other files when an infected program is run from floppy, hard drive, or from the network. This is not necessarily an indication of a virus.

The main ancient source for the story is the Aeneid of Virgil, a Latin epic poem from the time of Augustus. These viruses are always memory resident in nature. links]. Geezers in the Sunshine State Ben Jacobs November 2, 2014 Following the 2004 movie Troy, starring Brad Pitt, Canakkale bought the Trojan horse used in the film and put it in

Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. If possible, before using your primary computer, use a secondary computer, one that you do not rely on, activate the download or hyperlink, and then run an anti-virus scanner to ensure The other two are on relief pithos vases from the adjoining Grecian islands Mykonos and Tinos, both usually dated between 675 and 650 BC, the one from Mykonos being known as Also, if they fail to find every trojan, anti-virus software can give you a false sense of security, such that you go about your business not realizing that you are still

There have been an increase in the number of attacks that target weaknesses the way particular programs handle a file - so, even innocious file types like mp3 files, image files, Olympian Nights John Kendrick Bangs British Dictionary definitions for Trojan horse Expand Trojan Horse noun 1. (Greek myth) Also called the Wooden Horse. In addition, many viruses are bug-ridden, and these bugs may lead to system crashes and data loss. Although the actual nature and size of the historical settlement...Read MoreTrojan War legendary conflict between the early Greeks and the people of Troy in western Anatolia, dated by later Greek authors

Consult with your computer manufacturer or hardware vendor to determine if this is the case. Newer strains are now turning up in other programs as well. Yes! How do I avoid getting infected in the future?

  • III.
  • Recovering From an AttackWhen you begin noticing your computer exhibiting symptoms of a virus attack, immediately scan your computer with trusted anti-virus software.
  • If the boot partition is NTFS, the system must be recovered by using the three Windows NT Setup disks.

The Trojans took the bait, against the advice of Cassandra and Laocoon. This is usually caused by a hardware problem during the boot process. Perseus.tufts.edu. It is important to remember that on its own a firewall is not going to rid you of your computer virus problems, but when used in conjunction with regular operating system

Go to Introduction to Computers: Help and Review Ch 2. http://songstersoftware.com/trojan-horse/trojan-horse-generic-11-av-trojan-horse-dropper-generic-aamd.html If it looks suspicious, it probably is. It must replicate itself. Back Start Your Free Trial To Continue Watching As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over lessons in math, English, science, history, and more.

Others are not designed to do any damage, but simply to replicate themselves and make their presence known by presenting text, video, and audio messages. Viruses can infect desktop computers and network servers alike. Students Add important lessons to your Custom Course, track your progress, and achieve your study goals faster. check over here Enterprise Business Systems: Help... 8 - Enterprise Business Systems: Help and...

You must be certain of BOTH the source AND content of each file you download! Later generations of the Trojan horse tend to "cover" their tracks more efficiently. With all the hype, it is easy to believe that viruses lurk in every file, every email, every Web site.

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If you are not up to the task a professional repair shop can be paid to perform these steps. Free 5-day trial It only takes a few minutes to set up and you can cancel at any time. Blended threats combine the characteristics of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and malicious code with server and Internet vulnerabilities to initiate, transmit, and spread an attack. Information Systems: Help and Review / Business Courses Course Navigator What is a URL? - Definition & ExamplesNext Lesson What is a Trojan Horse Virus? - Definition, Examples & Removal Options

Read More » for Teachers for Schools for Companies Login Sign Up Menu for Teachers for Schools for Companies Plans Courses Courses Find Courses by Subject Science Math Business Psychology History In other words, you need to be sure that you trust not only the person or file server that gave you the file, but also the contents of the file itself. Trojan Horse From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search This article is about the mythological Trojan Horse. this content Read More » DevOp's Role in Application Security As organizations rush to release new applications, security appears to be getting short shrift.

For example, it may replace other executable files with a copy of the virus infected file. To submit a file you suspect may be malicious or a threat, see How to collect and submit to Symantec Security Response suspicious files found by the SymHelp utility. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, ending the war. Athena was probably a pre-Hellenic goddess and was later...Read More More about Trojan horse 2 References found in Britannica ArticlesAssorted ReferenceTrojan War (in Trojan War) (in Troy (ancient city, Turkey): The

All of the Microsoft OFfice programs, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and many others all can run a program from within a document. …even if the format isn’t meant to be executable. Privacy policy About Wikipedia Disclaimers Contact Wikipedia Developers Cookie statement Mobile view Trojan horse (computing) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Trojan horse (disambiguation). Windows NT computers that become infected by either boot sector viruses or master boot sector viruses will not boot. Ask questions.

Additional information For the most up-to-date information on viruses, visit the Symantec Security Response Web site. Practice safe computing and encourage everyone you know to do so as well. Do not set your email program to "auto-run" attachments. Close Login Didn't find the article you were looking for?

A professional PC repair shop can be contracted locally to perform a clean reinstallation, should you not feel capable of doing so yourself. Internet, Intranet, and Extranet: Help and... 5 - Internet, Intranet, and Extranet: Help and... Supported Products A-Z Get support for your product, with downloads, knowledge base articles, documentation, and more. On the other hand, most infections are from the same couple of hundred actively circulating trojans, that are well understood and reliably removed by the appropriate removal tool, and a clean

I strongly suggest you read through all of them before rushing out and trying to run some program blindly. Did You Know...