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Toshiba Laptop Graphics/Video Problem After Factory Reset (pics)

I live in central arkansas Henri November 24, 2010 | super! I knew it would be fixed one day! Can you get image on the external screen? With nothing to loose, I tried it and IT WORKED!!!!!! this contact form

The proper thing to do as someone stated above is to pull the chip, clean the pads and the board, re-ball the chip and re-apply directly to the board. I used to play Dota 2 frequently with no problems, but had recently reinstalled it to try playing again. Thanks for the great site. JAS December 3, 2010 | I've found this article useful.

This bubblewrap is a good theory, but you have to think about the other components, which get EXPOSED to TOO MUCH HEAT.. Or can I repair this switch? stairman April 29, 2006 | I had my 6 month old Sager packaged to go back, when I decided to look up the faont screen issue. marlow April 14, 2006 | Hi there, I have dell latitude c800 (it's actually my roommates but he just bought a new one) and the screen turns on shortly after startup

You can run a restore CDs (or DVD) to reload the laptop back to original factory settings. toshiba satellite p25-s509 has lit backlight and boots up perfect with an external monitor. After the assembly the laptop started with a good video on the LCD screen. I am looking for someone who works on the motherboard and does not jump to purchased and entire MB first.

I'm so happy. ^^ Zergrinch April 27, 2006 | Hi CJ, I stumbled across this rather informative site on a Google search about laptop LCD troubleshooting, and was wondering if I Take care, Dan Gokmev March 28, 2012 | Lol, I can not believe that this worked on my Toshiba sattelite A200. Advertisements do not imply our endorsement of that product or service. Thank you for your time.

screen would get black, not boot, beeps, loud fans, crazy lines across the screen, its a little different the exact outcome from laptop to laptop, but you get the point. Laptop screens can be incredibly delicate. Lhybz Thahil March 27, 2006 | Hi… Im trying to repair an Mitsubishi Apricot.. When I put pressure on a certain point of the laptop underneath about an inch or two above the battery just below the arrow keys it swithches itself off immediately.

  • How do I disable the physical feedback (vibration on touch) on the Excite?
  • There is a possibility that the backlight bulb is dying.
  • Could the above also be, because of a broken LCD cable?

After that just have fun with the fixed “zombie” laptop. In all cases you'll need to power off your phone completely before you begin. in this way. So I turned off the machine, uncovered it and waited for it to cool down.

This is a very good advice. http://songstersoftware.com/toshiba-laptop/how-to-reset-toshiba-laptop-password.html I'm thinking it just lacks proper cooling, I'll try to think of something and hopefully avoid further "black screens". April 8, 2006 | HI all, surfing the web i've found this usefull site. Performed this rather unconventional ‘fix' on my HP dv9700 today, and it worked!

Now I'm getting out all my DV6000 motherboards so I can finally sell them. how to do this oven trick, or bubble wrap trick since it will auto shut down within 10 seconds. I would appreciate any insight on how to make this determination. navigate here I also tried to connect to external monitor.

Blanket trick, oven trick, heat gun trick. on the screen there was nothing I can see. Today a have 3 lines, cyan, red and yellow.

Yesterday, with no prior problems, the display went black.

So I thought it's time to format this computer because recently it showed something weird. Just don't go downloading any suspicious apps from the app store and you should be fine. Thank you George cj2600 April 15, 2006 | Hi George, I work mostly with Toshiba laptops. It happened a couple months ago and I took it to a warranty center (it was still covered then) and they replaced the whole LCD assembly.

I took it apart and checked the connections, they are all tight. How do I change the brightness level for the screen? There is only one way to test witch one is failing – to replace them one by one. his comment is here Not worth repair.

If you could keep us updated if result is permanent, that would be great. reputable? I have looked at the controller board for signs of an issue but nothing burnt or blown up that I can see. So please, everyone - sue the sh*t out of them until they learn how to do their job!

by s.sAKTHI cj2600 January 13, 2012 | @ Kiwi, i’d strongly recommend to use the oven OR heatgun reflow method.. I check all the connections. Jamie April 18, 2006 | Hi. So I used xcopy command to copy everything from the drive.

Motherboard failure. How To change the boot priority in BIOS How to create a Microsoft Account How to create and run a recovery disc How to get to Microsoft Help and Support How How do I perform system updates on the Excite? then u can see the board have funny puffed-up.