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This file is detected by Trend Micro as TROJ_SMALL.Y. Register Now Where to BuyDownloadsPartnersPhilippinesAbout UsLog InWhere to Buy Trend Micro ProductsFor HomeHome Office Online StoreFor Small Business / EnterpriseFind a ResellerContact UsPlease selectPartner ProgramResellerAlliance PartnersNot in Philippines?Select the country/language of Technical Details File System Modifications Tutorials: If you wish to learn how to remove malware components manually, you can read the tutorials on how to find malware, kill unwanted processes, remove TROJ_SMSBONE.133 ...Spam-SMS.Bomb (McAfee), Hacktool (Symantec), TR/Flood.SMS.Bone.133 (Avira), Troj/SMSBone-A (Sophos),Description:TROJ_SMSBONE.133 is a Trojan horse program, a malware that has no capability to spread into other... http://songstersoftware.com/general/troj-small-hb.html

msmsn upnp.exe X Added by the Troj/Dloadr-AMY Trojan. Troj/Small-AXE Medium 96602. TROJ_SMOKJOINR.A ...MultiDropper-EN.cfg (McAfee), Hacktool.Exebind (Symantec), TR/Drop.SmokeJoiner (Avira), Troj/SmokeJo (Sophos),Description:TROJ_SMOKJOINR.A is a Trojan horse program, a malware that has no capability to spread into other systems... Found on a Dell computer, in a Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataDellAlert2 subfolder upefas_en_110010107.exe upefas_en_110010107.exe X Added by the eFast Browser adware.

All rights reserved. TROJ_LMIR.OB ...Trojan arrives as a dropped DLL component of another malware, TROJ_LMIR.NY. The Threat Meter is a useful tool in the endeavor of seeking a solution to remove a threat or pursue additional analytical research for all types of computer users.

  • The detection count is calculated from infected PCs retrieved from diagnostic and scan log reports generated by SpyHunter.
  • WORM_DELF.DTV ...Alias:Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Delf.awi (Kaspersky), Generic Downloader.d (McAfee), Downloader (Symantec), TR/Dldr.Delphi.Gen (Avira), Mal/Emogen-G (Sophos),Description:This worm may arrive on a system as a file downloaded...
  • System Updaterun.exe X Added by the Troj/QQHelp-Gen downloader Trojan.
  • winlocatorupdate updatewinlocator.exe X Locator adult content toolbar related Updatewiz updatewiz.exe ? ??
  • Troj/Small-AXZ Medium 96616.
  • TROJ_ADLOAD.JN Alias:Trojan-Downloader.Win32.VB.ajz,DollarRevenue,Downloader,TR/Dldr.VB.ajz.1,is a security risk named W32/Downloader.AGNN,Troj/DollarR-M,TrojanDownloader:Win32/Adload...
  • Microsoft Windows Update XP64 updatexp64.exe X Added by the W32/Sdbot-AIM worm and IRC backdoor.
  • Troj/Small-B Medium 96642.

Start Service upssrv.exe U Cyber Power PowerPanelPlus software. "In the event of a power outage, PowerPanelPlus Software automatically saves and closes all open files, and then shuts down the computer system This infection also creates a Windows service using the same name and filename. updmngr.exe X Added by the Troj/Agent-JBX. Though this is a legitimate file, it is unknown whether or not it needs to be running at startup. TROJ_SMSBOMBER.C ...Spam-SMS.Bomb (McAfee), Hacktool (Symantec), TR/Flood.SMS.Bomber.C (Avira), Troj/Spam-SMS (Sophos),Description:TROJ_SMSBOMBER.C is a Trojan horse program, a malware that has no capability to spread into other...

Upromise0 Upromise0.exe U Software for the Upromise College Savings Program. When executed, this Trojan prompts the... Troj/Small-AXY Medium 96615. It serves as an autostart file by loading the following...XP and Server 2003.) Symantec : Trojan.Bamital.B!inf ; Sophos : Troj/Patched-Y TROJ_ARTIEF.B ...embedded EXE file.

Trend Micro detects this file as TROJ_AGENT.SPZ. TROJ_MAILBOT.R Alias:SpamTool.Win32.Mailbot.r (Kaspersky), Spam-Mailbot (McAfee), Hacktool.Spammer (Symantec), TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen (Avira), Troj/Mailbot-W (Sophos),Description:This Trojan is a DLL component that arrives on... TROJ_ADLOAD.RG ...Alias:Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Adload.hw (Kaspersky), Generic Downloader.z (McAfee), Downloader (Symantec), TR/Dldr.Adload.HW.7 (Avira), Troj/Adload-KB (Sophos),Description:This Trojan arrives as a file downloaded from... Search Startups Startup Database Navigation Startups Home Newest Entries Rootkit List Startup Database Forum How to use the Startup Database Submit a Startup RSS Feed Newsletter Sign Up Follow us: Main

In turn, the routines of the dropped file are... Troj/Small-AYL Medium 96621. Always be sure to back up your PC before making any changes. TROJ_CLICKER.OU ...to hide its process.

PCPrivacyDefender Freeware UPSPDAP.exe X Added by the PCPrivacy Defender rogue privacy program. have a peek at these guys UpdReg Updreg.exe N Reminder to register Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! RTKT_AGENT.CTH Updated: 2006-07-04 - RiskRating: low - PatternFile: 3.548.07 Read more... ThreatLevel: 9/10 DetectionCount: 44 Home Malware ProgramsTrojans Downloader.Zlob.abjg Leave a Reply Warning!

WORM_NETSAD.B Updated: 2006-07-01 - RiskRating: low - PatternFile: 3.546.03 Read more... PWS:Win32/VB.DQ (Microsoft); Generic PWS.zg (McAfee); Trojan.Gen (Symantec); Trojan-Clicker.Win32.Kuk.v (Kaspersky); Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT (Sunbelt); Gen:Variant.Zusy.2584 (FSecure) 4846 Total Search | Showing Results : 3541 - 3560 Previous Next ↑ Top of page News Featured Latest WikiLeaks Publishes Vault 7, Collection of Alleged CIA Hacking Tools The Dark Web Has Shrunk by 85% Multiple Unpatched Vulnerabilities Discovered in Western Digital NAS Hard Drives SHA1 check over here USB 2.0 Driver UpdateXPSP.exe X Added by the W32/Agobot-QD worm.

When started, this infection connects to a remote IRC server where it waits for commands to execute. Microsoft Windows Software Update Scheduler updtscheduler.exe X Added by the W32/Kebede-F backdoor mass-mailing worm. TROJ_PCLIENT.DAM Updated: 2006-07-04 - RiskRating: low - PatternFile: 3.550.06 Read more...

Troj/Small-AZZ Medium 96641.

TROJ_DROPPER.DNZ Alias:Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent.ave (Kaspersky), Generic.dn (McAfee), Trojan.Dropper (Symantec), TR/Drop.Agent.ave.12 (Avira), Mal/Generic-A (Sophos),Description:This Trojan arrives on a system either downloaded... SVCHOST updater32.exe X Added by the [email protected] mass-mailing worm. UPS ups.exe Y PowerChute v5.02 - UPS Monitoring Module (which loads iconclnt - the tray icon) Windows svchost ups.exe X A variant of the IRCBot family of worms and IRC backdoor Backdoor:Win32/Delf (Microsoft); Generic.yy (McAfee); Trojan Horse (Symantec); Trojan-Clicker.Win32.Galepo.cd (Kaspersky); Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT (Sunbelt); Backdoor.Generic.27116 (FSecure) JS_PSYME.BOI Alias:Trojan-Clicker.JS.Agent.h (Kaspersky), HEUR/Exploit.HTML (Avira), Mal/ObfJS-C (Sophos), TROJ_SMALL.FLB Alias:Trojan-Clicker.Win32.Small.kj (Kaspersky), Generic.abx !! (McAfee), Trojan Horse (Symantec), TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen (Avira),

This infection, when started, connects to an IRC server where it sits on a channel awaiting commands. WORM_STRATION.MP Alias:W32/[email protected] (McAfee), [email protected] (Symantec), TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen (Avira), W32/Strati-Gen (Sophos),Description: On September 22, 2006, in the face of increasing... TROJ_FORMAT.Q Alias:Trojan.DOS.DelWin.e (Kaspersky), QDel253 (McAfee), Trojan Horse (Symantec), TR/Delwin.E (Avira), Troj/QDel253 (Sophos),Description:TROJ_FORMAT.Q is a DOS Trojan that formats the c:\ drive when it is executed. this content Troj/Small-AXR Medium 96610.

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W32.Relfeer is a worm that spreads through network shares and file-sharing applications. TROJ_STELEX.A ...BackDoor-FP.cfg (McAfee), Backdoor.Death (Symantec), BDS/Death.26.F.Srv (Avira), Troj/Bdoor-FP (Sophos),Description:TROJ_STELEX.A is a Trojan horse program, a malware that has no capability to spread into other systems... UPS COMcontrol upsctrl3.sys X A variant of the Goldun rootkit. USB 2.0 Driver updateXP.exe X Added by W32/Agobot-QP, a Worm/IRC backdoor, found in the Windows system folder.

TROJ_ZLOBNO.AA ...Description:This Trojan usually arrives as a downloaded file of TROJ_ZLOB.BFM. usb driver4 UpdateXP6.exe X Added by a variant of the W32/SDBOT WORM! TROJ_STARTPAG.CJ Updated: 2006-07-03 - RiskRating: low - PatternFile: 3.548.07 Read more... It may also attempt to download potentially malicious files on to the compromised computer.